we'll all be buried

by project:citizen

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released November 28, 2013




project:citizen New York, New York

project:citizen is everybody & nobody, anger & passion. Everyone has the right to these songs. Play them at shows as your own because they are your own. Never sell them. Don't perpetuate bullshit in the name of honesty.

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Track Name: Always Tomorrow Morning
The sun and the moon belong to the whole world's eyes. The trees and the clouds belong to themselves. The rivers and the streams belong to gravity. Everything should be doing well but it's not and it's all our fault...
Track Name: Morning
...cause we're all just liars cause we can't believe in it. Cause separating fact from fiction in self-reflection is bullshit. Cause we'll never know what we don't want to know so the story goes and it grows like the setting sun throws our shadow. Fuck it. We all will die in time. Our children's words will fall in line with our own. Each one just as guilty as the last. We don't know how to see our past like it's our own.
So make your home, sleep in it, be complacent, and feign commitment to the way we were, the way we are, and the way we will be if we get that far.
Track Name: I Can Only Represent Myself
I can't believe you believe that they say what they mean! They don't know anything more than you or me. They were all raised the same with antiquated beliefs. Well the world has changed therefore so should we but we don't know how to. We think we know the truth. Excuse after excuse so we don't have to move. It's comforting to complain like we're exposing something but it's not that THEY gain, it's that WE stay the same.
Change isn't something that you write onto a wall, it should show every day it should be within us all. Blame isn't something you just cast off to the top. If we can't blame ourselves then the lies will never stop until they die when we die too.
Track Name: Infinite Naïveté
I bet you'd've never thought you'd see the world like this when you were three and your mother would wrap you up in her arms and hair. I bet you thought like me, that everybody just cared.
Well we were wrong cause we were three and the world doesn't make sense to anybody in spite of their time spent here or how much they care; there's never an answer. And that's fine with me just don't act like there is.
Track Name: Us
We make them wealthy; they make us poor and I can't even tell the difference anymore. They don't smile, they just smirk deriving pleasure from their dirty work. We see so well though only through screens. We can't see within them there is no meaning. And we're all the same; we feel like no one which we use to hide from what we know we've done.
This guilt has got me bound to these words I've written down and I'll drive them from your ear to ground and someday I'll be buried with them.

Someday we'll all be buried.